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Blogging Hell!

So, starting a blog is not as easy as 1-2-3! After reading other blogger’s information, I went ahead and started this. I bought the premium upgrade because I read that the account would be easier to manage. So, for about $100, I got a FREE domain (?) and better blog templates though the really nice ones run you even more (between $40 and $100).

Next, I read that if I want to sponsor ads on my site, I need a web host. The first person I contacted suggested a site. I did some investigating and found that the domain name I’d like was available. Unfortunately, I read 2 days later that if you type the domain name you like into a host server site, you will likely LOSE SAID DOMAIN and have to buy it back at a premium. By the time I read this, mine was up to $70 plus commission. I opted to not use that web host because the fact that someone can lift stuff easily to sell back to me seemed seedy and unprofessional.

Today, I signed on with BlueHost. Recommended by WordPress, I’m finding a lot of misinformation and can’t get a clear answer. Best I can tell, I’ve laid out $207 now for a site I can’t complete because it must be up for 2 months before I can redirect it? ARGH! Oh, and of course redirecting has a fee.

I’ve just had ice cream and it’s not helped even a smidge! I might just put everything up as is and let the chips fall where they may. The whole process so far has been pretty sketchy.

Any masters of the blogging universe want to lend a hand?! I’m open for suggestions!

Perhaps my next post will be planning my trip to Disney so that I can feel happier about sharing with ya’ll!

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