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Chill Easter with the Egyptian dead

Easter: another holiday that involves candy and sends me binging on chocolate 5 minutes after I’ve recovered from Christmas binging. Okay, so Christmas is 3 months gone but the candy was ample and lasted MUCH longer than I’d hoped. I’ve settled into my New Year workout that I revamped 3 weeks ago (yes, in March because I despise waiting in line) and have been prepping myself – because┬áthere are all kinds of events revolving around every holiday even though we have no children. Not being particularly religious – other than Jesus Christ Superstar – this has always been a yummy holiday but has evolved over the years.

My mom approached us about doing something different AGAIN this year. Last year we visited the Titanic exhibit. Much fun for me, my significant other and my mom. We all drew random names at the beginning to see who survived the trip. We wove our way through staterooms, cattle quarters, fine dining ware and video displays of undersea wreckage. Mom was the only passenger left floating according to her card. Every visitor compared their card to the list at the end of the tour and each was doled out at random so much like real life, it was the luck of the draw.

This year, I started off Thursday asking friends who were possibly Christian, what the deal was with Friday as part of the 3-day Jesus-raises-from-the-dead thing. Nobody knew anything in detail then joking commenced about how little we knew, so I winged it on Friday by listening to Jesus Christ Superstar in its entirety at the gym then went home and sang it at the top of my lungs like I used to when I was 5. I’m not looking for Christian points, that’s just how I roll.

Saturday, we celebrated by discussing how upset we were with the banning of Cadbury through a lawsuit that Hershey has brought against them – possibly making THIS our LAST YEAR of Cadbury Caramel Eggs!!! I feel that’s worth leaving the U.S. for and defecting to the U.K. but so far the man isn’t going for it. Then we painted the garage floor.

Sunday, I’d made reservations for brunch at City Place followed by an Egyptian exhibit also in West Palm Beach (see awesome pictures) that we’d intended to see when it opened a few months ago. Great way to walk off filet mignon and eggs!

Afterlife: Tombs and Treasures of Ancient Egypt at the South Florida Science Center (located at the same place as the Dreyer Park Zoo) gave us a nice over view, had some very old mummies (5,000 to 6,000 year range), a very descriptive full scale tomb with mummy (pictured), let us walk for a bit but wasn’t too much for us to hop in the car to head home and stage a couch coup d’etat!

*As I wrote that, I realized the only ones we’re fighting for the couch are the cats so, it’s a win-win.

Crocodile mummies

Mummy from Thebes "new kingdom" meaning between 1295-1186 B.C.

Mummy from Thebes “new kingdom” meaning between 1295-1186 B.C.

Cow mummy eye overlays!

Cow mummy eye overlays!

Kitty mummy

Kitty mummy

A laid back holiday with no chocolate crash, ┬ámy man and my mummy…I mean mom!

I understand that I’m not pursuing the plethora of risen from the dead, Boris Karloff/Mummy jokes and I’m not sure if it’s because I’m feeling they’re too cliche that I’ll annoy even myself or that I got it all out yesterday. On Facebook I DID post “I see dead people.” That having been reposted: I try to be respectful to my religious friends and family but sometimes I fall short. VERY short. All in all, a lovely day with the fam and one that I would repeat next year assuming there’s a decent exhibit at the museum.

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