Funny-scary stuff from my world


Hello kids! Welcome to the next level of my existence! My hope for this blog is that you can see the cool shit I see everyday! I’ve traveled the world and had several careers and my hope is to share some of my funny experiences with you all either through my writing or through other’s similar shoes.

I’ve been writing and published (off and on) since I was 8 years old and this venue will hopefully be fun for both of us. I’m somewhat dirty so if you’re easily offended, I might not be for you but would love you to stick around to find out. Feel free to comment on whatever or share if you see something you like…

I like: cats, dogs, rock, metal, writing, reading, movies, travel, horror, politics, animals, Europe (the place – ┬ánot the band), science fiction, mystery, Disney, super heroes (both real and imagined), courage, equal rights, humor, dirty humor, REALLY dirty humor and both hot and smart men (I have my own at home).

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